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Product Offering

SCF Capital Solutions offers short-term working capital financing to SMEs involved in green and environmental sustainability supply chains and projects. The funding plays a great role in bridging the finance gap and is utilised to cover the costs associated with fulfilling a contract or purchase order. As a consequence, a borrower MUST be in possession of a contract / order in order to access funding.

Our Services to SMEs

We provide short-term funding to small businesses temporarily in need of cash. The borrower must demonstrate determinable future cash flows (i.e. orders, contracts, etc) out of which the facility will be repaid.  The financing can be used to finance SMEs in different value chain roles:

  • Project development and systems design

  • Procurement of equipment

  • Installations

  • Maintenance

Our Services to Large Businesses and Government Entities

To develop SMEs in supply chains, four support pillars are required: (1) Market, (2) Finance, (3) Technical Support and (4) Business Skills Development Support. Our Four-Corner model is a collaborative approach between the Buyer (Municipality / Corporate), Financier (SCF Capital Solutions), Enterprise Support Partner and Equipment Supplier to support SMEs. The benefits of the model and contracting to SMEs means, whilst achieving your own individual business goals, you achieve green objectives, support small businesses (job creation) and environmental sustainability, all in one go. 

Four Corner Model